The Top of Napa Valley

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High elevation Cabernet Sauvignon portfolio of ridge top vineyards are above the fog line and receive 2 extra hours of sunshine and when it is too hot in the valley the temperatures remain cooler and the fruit continues to ripen. This adds up to many extra days and sometimes weeks during a ripening season resulting in abundant but supple and ripe tannins that gives Cabernets power and silky texture at the same time. Being on the top of the mountain is also a tremendous advantage in wet years. The unwanted early arrival of Fall rains run off the hills and end up in the valley, which acts like a weather insurance policy. These high elevation sites have very low in nutrient soil, which results in stressed conditions and produces extreme low yields (typically and naturally less than half of the valley floor) as well as small and thick skinned berries. The volcanic soil drains quickly which helps to keep the grapes slightly dehydrate before harvest and provides plenty of minerals. All these special circumstances called terroir make concentrated and complex wines that is exciting and unique.

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We are located on the corner of Highway 12 and Shaw Avenue across from VJB.


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"This was a delightful surprise as it was an unscheduled stop on our Grapevine wine tour and turned out to be our favorite of the day! We are grateful that, Walter, our driver, was able to introduce us to En Garde and cannot wait to receive our wine club selections!"


"Best tasting we had of our week in Napa and Sonoma. Server was personable, professional, and very knowledgeable."


"We are grateful for Kenwood Winery to recommend our visit to En Garde. First class and excellent wine."


"Fabulous wine and tasting experience! One of our very favorites of the trip!"


"In my opinion, a flight of the best wines I have ever tasted."


"Great wine, great customer service, comfortable environment."


"Fantastic wines, beautiful tasting room, and of course, the amiable Csaba pouring the wines didn't hurt, either. A lovely experience! Thank you!"


"Great visit and opened our eyes to boutique wineries."


"Highly recommend - En Garde is receiving some fantastic coverage/ratings in wine press right now so visit while the wine is still readily available!"


"This is by far my favorite winery!  I have been a club member for 5 or so years and can't say enough about this place!  Csaba is a brilliant winemaker and everything he makes is A+.  "


"The tasting room is elegant, and the staff was very knowledgeable and sincere."


"We really enjoyed our experience & time at the tasting room. Would not hesitate to recommend or purchase any of of the wines offered at En Garde. Csaba was the perfect host! Can't wait til we go back in September!?????"


"En Garde is my new "find" after coming to Napa/Sonoma for 20 years. Cheers!"


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